I just bought and downloaded Encore, Eminem's new album from iTunes. I never really liked hip-hop. Actually I still don't. To be completely honest the only reason I started listening to Eminem's songs was that he's HOT. And because he's probably the only rapper besides Will Smith (who isn't really one, according to my brother) who I can actually understand.

Anyway... GET THEE TO A RECORD STORE and buy Encore! Eminem is a friggin' genius! Whether you're entertained, offended, fired up, amused, or disgusted by the things he says and the topics he tackles, you've gotta admit the man is very witty. There's a track called Ass Like That, which had me laughing out loud the first and second times I listened to it. It's hard to describe. Just buy the CD... or better yet, go to iTunes and download that one song for 99 cents!