Little Things

On my way to work this evening, I was listening to Air America and heard something that pissed me off.

Apparently, one of the top requests that patients make at the Walter Reed Medical Center (where military personnel injured in Iraq are taken care of) is for people to send them phone cards! The government, run by King Dubya and the Court of Fundie Hawks, sees it fit to send young men and women off to war. Yet, when they come home injured, the same government doesn't even have the decency to let them call home from the hospital for free. Ooooh, that makes me so mad!!!

I am planning on sending over phone cards over there. You all should, too. Unfortunately, I was driving while listening to the radio, so I wasn't able to write down the address. I was able to remember this much, though:

Go to the Walter Reed Medical Center web site and click on the link for the Medical Family Assistance Center. Their contact info is listed there, so you can call them, tell them you heard about the servicemembers' requests for phone cards, and ask how you can send some over.