Toe In The Water

After a false start some months ago, which yielded one all-too-quickly-abandoned blog, here I am again. I'm not really sure why I want my own blog, anyway. Maybe it's simply because everyone else seems to have one of their own. I like to think it's because I would like to share some of my thoughts with someone, even if that "someone" is just an anonymous Internet public that may not even read my blog at all. Whatever. It's a waste of time anyway to try to figure out my true motives for starting this blog.

So what will I write about here? As the blog title says, anything, everything, and nothing. Whatever comes to mind, which may be topical, personal, or completely inane. Maybe I'll be the only one who ends up reading what I post here, but that doesn't matter I suppose because maybe the very act of writing the posts will be therapeutic. I need something therapeutic?! Well, don't we all?

Oh! I almost forgot! About me... 30-something, gay, Asian, intelligent, employed, lazy, curious, thoughtful, considerate, sometimes bitchy, techie, friendly yet shy male living in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley, to be more specific).

Ok, then. Onward...