Lifelong Friends

While cleaning out my apartment in preparation for moving, I found some old letters from my friends in the Philippines. The letters were sent to me over the course of a few years, before email became widespread. I re-read some of them, and I realized that even after all these years those letters still make me laugh out loud.

Even though they're a decade old, I still "get" the letters and what my friends were saying completely. The jokes are still funny and I can still get inside their heads. I can still picture what they must've been doing when they wrote me. I can still see the evil grins on their faces, writing letters while cutting classes or skipping work.

Our little group of friends started hanging out together a billion years ago, towards the end of sophomore year in high school. Yet even now, we still understand one another and still remember all of the inside jokes. That's a sign of true lifelong friendship, in my book.