butter or feet, part deux


Where were we? Oh yeah... riesling.

My favorite is German eiswein, which is a beautiful dessert wine - sweet but sickeningly so, refreshingly acidic, and without that weird moldy background you get from French sauternes. The only downside is that eiswein is freakin' expensive!

Next on my list of favorites are the rieslings classified as auslese, middle level of the German "ripeness classification" system. Excellent for drinking everyday.

Then there are the American rieslings, mostly from Washington State. I like those, too, along with German spatslese rieslings. They're a bit more earthy, a bit less sweet, than ausleses. The thing that I've found in common with these German and American ones is that they all taste vaguely like feet. But I drink them anyway.

So... apparently I've traded the taste of butter for the taste of feet.