Fare thee well, Ronald McDonald...

My bf and I rented and watched Supersize Me this weekend. All I can say is, "ICK!!!" I mean even before watching the movie I found the idea of eating McDonald's food everyday revolting, but man! I had no idea that a Big Mac (actually fast food in general) was THAT bad for you! It was amazing how much that guy managed to screw his body up in just 30 days. Even the doctors who were monitoring his health during the "diet" were surprised. They had no idea that one could do that much damage that fast, especially to the liver, with food.

And hello??? 48 teaspoons of sugar in a supersized soda?! Holy Mother of God!

So the day after watching the DVD, the bf and I marched our fast-food-laden asses to Whole Foods to get healthful eats. LOL.

I'll be staying away from McDonald's - as well as Jack in the Box, Wendy's, and Taco Bell - for a while. Now I feel sorry for those people who, for reasons of money, time, or just plain sloth, end up having to eat at McDonald's several times a week. And because I most definitely DON'T want to feel sorry for myself, I am gonna try to avoid fast food by being better about grocery shopping and cooking at home.