musical sticks

Not really sure how this works. I got passed this "musical stick" by my friend April . I guess I'm supposed to fill in the blanks with my own musical choices. Kind of like an "islamboook". (LOL... apologies to non-Filipino readers who will not get the reference) Anyway, here goes...


1. Tears, Chameleons UK
2. Maybe I, Five For Fighting
3. Kung Alam Mo Lang, JoAnne Lorenzana
4. Wild, Poe
5. One Song Glory, RENT
6. Time To Say Goodbye, Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli
7. Being Around, Lemonheads
8. Lightning Crashes, Live
9. Ass Like That, Eminem
10. Llorando, Rebekah del Rio

what is the total amount of music in your PC?

3.89 gigs. Would've been way more except that I got scared off the P2P networks by the RIAA lawsuits.

the last CD that you bought?

Can't remember. The last CD I got, which was given to me, was the Dave Matthews Band live recording of their SF concert (which I saw).

the last song you listened to before this message?

Asereje by Las Ketchup. (HAHAHAHA! Leche! Stop making fun of me!!!)

5 songs you listen to a lot and mean a lot to you

Nothing comes to mind at the moment. Sorry. LOL.

who are the 3 people you're going to pass this stick to?

Do they have to be bloggers? Uhm.... screw it. Blog or no blog: Brad, Winnie, Liberty.