Weird day

Stayed away from work last night. Went for a bit but went home really early. I feel gooey. My throat hurts and my legs are weak. And my stomach feels queasy. Maybe I'm coming down with the flu? Gawd, I hope not.

Since I couldn't find any dogs I liked at the shelter this weekend, I continued my online search. I found two dogs that I am definitely interested in, so I shot out email to the agency!!! Hopefully they'll reply soon! Check it out. The two I'm interested in are Maxwell and Toby. Of course, I can only adopt one. It all depends on which dog is the better match.

Cautiously hopeful...

Got an automated call from the phone company, saying that my phone line was incurring unusually high international call charges. So I called the customer service line, and the rep said that I had a 31-minute call to Manila. Ok, so far so good. I made that call myself. Then the rep said that the charges for that call totaled $100.75. WHAT?!?!

"But I work for the phone company," I said. "I thought we got a discount on international calls!"

The rep said that we only get international call discounts if we are signed up with an international calling plan. And by the way, would I like to sign up now? HELL, NO!!!