Great day in the morning! Devon the dog has finally figured out that he can pee and poo anywhere as long as it's outside! Well, he's kinda figured it out. It has to be on grass, but anyway...

One day isang araw, Bill had him for the night. I guess we kept him very well-watered that night, because the following morning he was whining like crazy in the car on the way to his "potty park". Anyway, they get to the parking lot and the dog ran to the nearest patch of grass and peed! We seized upon this "breakthrough" and worked the dog over the next two days and voìla! Now he pees and poos on the grass patch outside my apartment building! No more required 1.1-mile treks to the dog park just to go potty!

Sa wakas umebak din ang puñetang aso sa lugar na gusto kong ebakan niya!

Hercules! Hercules!