weekend report - latest

Friday night, as I was having dinner with Bill, he mentioned that I "owed" him dinner at One Market, a nice restaurant in San Francisco. So we made tentative plans to go up there the following day.

Saturday, he decides he doesn't feel like going to One Market, so as we're driving to the city I'm rattling off a list of different restaurants so we can decide where to have dinner. I suggest, and he agrees to, the Cliff House. It was a good choice.

We had a nice dinner, and afterwards we walked the short distance down the hill to Ocean Beach. Spent a bit of time walking along the beach at dusk (and into dark), which is always a magical time by any seashore. We went hunting for intact sandollars, because he wanted to show me the "angels" inside. Unfortunately we didn't find any.

We were gonna go to gayville, aka The Castro, afterwards, but we had no clue how to get there from the Great Highway and we ended up going back home instead.

Sunday was my brother's birthday. I woke up early to run the dog, go to the supermarket, and make dessert for my brother's birthday lunch, which we had at my mom's bf's place. After lunch we all walked to downtown Palo Alto to have coffee.

The end.