food and memory

Ever notice how certain foods take you back to certain periods in your life? Or am I weird because eating (or the mere thought of) this dish or that will make me experience a bout of nostalgia?

There are quite a few of these dishes that have made an indelible impression on me. They aren't necessarily the greatest, or most delicious, dishes I've ever tasted. It's just that I have come to associate them with specific times and specific places, and they invariably make me smile. My list follows. Do you have one?
  • Goto from Aling Belen's carinderia near my childhood home
  • Hot pan de sal from Aling Auring's sari-sari store
  • Hot dog waffles from the Don Bosco Makati elementary school canteen
  • Chick N Chips from Shakey's Katipunan branch
  • Baked macaroni and cream peaks from Sweet Haven
  • Fishballs and isaw from the sidewalk vendors around the UP Diliman campus
  • Beef stroganoff from CASAA
  • Shawarma from the Rustan's Supermarket food court
  • Ham and "fake" cheese pizza from Greenwich Pizza Greenbelt branch
  • Corned beef omelet from Pancake House Greenbelt branch
  • Chocolate cake from the Cookie Monster Bakery
  • Fresh lumpia from Triple V Greenbelt
  • Rib eye steak from Chili's Los Altos branch
  • Beef brisket with noodles from Tung Kee
  • #27 (Thai Basil Pork) from Thai Basil in Sunnyvale
  • Kosher hotdogs with a bit of sauerkraut from Manhattan sidewalk vendors
  • Jambon beurre sandwiches from the Palais Omnisports in Paris
  • Regular tacos from any Taco Bell
  • Cochinillo from Casa Armas
  • Meat pies from the Sydney Zoo
  • Molten chocolate cake from the coffee shop at The Bellagio Las Vegas
  • Tri-tip panini from Zanotto's Grocery

Whew. Now I'm hungry.