Junk Fax the White House!

The Huffington Post The Blog:

In a salute to George Orwell -- whose birthday passed on Saturday -- President Bush is poised to sign the Junk Fax Protection Act, legislation which in fact allows for more junk faxing. All junk faxers have to do is claim they had a prior business relationship with you and they can fax away. So if you've ever flown an airline, it can fax you about those cheap seats to Cancun.

Current law allows people to collect up to $1,500 per junk fax and new FCC rules to take effect July 1st would force junk faxers to have written permission before faxing. Hence the legislation neutering current law that's passed both the House and Senate. Want to stop the bill? Fax your junk faxes to the White House at at 202-456-2461. (It's legal because it's political speech.) Haven't you wanted to give Dubya a little somethin back anyway?"

Damn whores! Faxing should NOT be open to any sort of mass marketing because it costs the recipient money as well! Send those faxes non-stop to Dubya and any legislator who was stupid enough to support this!