random bits, June 29

  • Damn all the dog owners who take their pets to go potty in public places and don't pick up the poop! I hope they all trip while walking and fall face-first into steaming piles of doggy doo-doo!
  • A belated happy birthday to my friend Trixie! Tanda na natin!
  • Got a phone call from my friend Steve. He lives in Florida now. It was great hearing from him after all this time.
  • Drove through Big Basin Redwoods State Park this weekend. Awesome giant redwoods!
  • The Canadian House of Commons passed the bill allowing same-sex marriage nationwide. Senate approval is predicted to be a sure thing. Yay Canada!
  • Bill gave me a wooden bird house that he got from a craft store and painted himself. It's cute! Hopefully a bird or two will actually use it.
  • Apparently, my old friend April has turned into quite the strict English teacher. Hahaha. If her students only knew what kind of antics we pulled when we were in school!
  • The other night I dreamed that I was making out in bed with a shirtless Josh Duhamel, aka the most beautiful man on earth. Holy cow! I didn't want to wake up!