the dog poo saga

I think Devon is okay now. How do I put this delicately? Uh... his excrement is now once again well-formed. It is still softer than normal, but it is definitely not diarrhea anymore. The chronology of the poo saga is as follows:

On Wednesday morning, while I was still at work, I got a text message from Bill. He said Devon woke him up earlier than usual, and that when they went outside to "go potty" the poor dog pooped something really, really soft. Long story short, Devon went potty six times that day, instead of his usual two times. I called the vet and made an appointment for Thursday morning.

Wednesday evening, the dog vomited twice. Yikes!

I got home from work on Thursday and took the dog outside right away. He went again, twice, so I decided not to feed him anything at all until after the vet appointment. The vet examined him, palpated his stomach (no painful areas, which was a good sign), and asked me if I wanted to have him x-rayed to check for intestinal obstructions since he had vomit episodes in addition to the diarrhea. They also ran bloodwork to check for renal and liver function. It took a few hours so I left him at the vet while I ran errands.

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Three hours, multiple tests, and over $300 later, I got Devon back. The vet said she found no obstructions and that his bloodwork came out fine, so she thought he probably ate something that really didn't agree with him. She gave him some antibiotics for his digestive tract and a subcutaneous fluid injection because he was slightly dehydrated. Told me to feed him nothing but steamed rice and cottage cheese until his diarrhea stops.

Thursday evening Devon vomited again. Twice. So the next morning we went back to the vet and got some anti-nausea pills.

Fast-forward to today, Tuesday, 12:40 AM. He's fine now. After days of being fed rice and cottage cheese, in small amounts every hour, his insides are almost back to normal. Back on normal food, no more need for anti-nausea pills, but still on antibiotics. Whew!