random bits, 7/12/05

  • It was Devon's "first day of school" yesterday. I dropped him off at playcare and left him there for half a day. Was able to see him play via webcam. He had lots of fun. When I picked him up he was dead tired. Hahaha.
  • Rick Santorum is a stupid bible-thumping asshole.
  • We saw a Ford GT yesterday outside the Vintage Wine Shop at Santana Row. It was red with white stripes. Straight out of Speedracer. It was friggin' HOT! I want one! Bf talked to the owner, who was letting his lady friend in. Heard the owner rev the engine. GRRRROWL!!!
  • After 5 billion years, I think I finally really lost my old, reliable Armani shades. Boohoo. Went looking for new ones over the weekend Nothing interesting in the Castro. Lots of cool Tag Heuer ones at Santana Row, but at $378 a pop, they cost way too much. Bf let me borrow his Swiss Army pair that's a commemorative issue for the movie Armageddon. Maybe Ben Affleck wore the same pair? Hahaha.
  • Damn job boss people changed my work schedule! Now instead of Tuesday-Friday graves I work Sunday-Wednesday graves. Which means my workweek starts at 11:00 PM Saturday night! UGH! Well, at least I get Sunday differential, which is time-and-a-half. Maybe I'll stay on that shift until I find a new job.
  • Speaking of which... job search on hold. Gonna finish another network cert before resuming.
  • It's supposed to hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit today (37.8 degrees Celsius for the Système International people). Thermostat is set for a nice and comfy 72 degrees (22.2 Celsius). Bedtime soon.
  • I don't understand how I can love pinot noir (California, Oregon, and British Columbia) and yet dislike red burgundy at the same time. The production method must be different. Or maybe the French mix pinot noir with some other varietals... oh, who knows.
  • Taba ng inihaw na baboy (fat of barbecued pork) is deeee-licious!!! :::clutches chest while collapsing from a coronary:::