summer concerts

This morning, I woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, fed the dog, and checked my email.

There was a forwarded email from Bill, an e-receipt from an online ticket broker. He had purchased two tickets to a concert at the Mountain Winery, up in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Saratoga.

Who are we going to see?

The Violent Femmes! Front row, center! Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh! Yeah, yeah, I know they're "old". But they were so cool back in the day! And I wanna see a band that I loved in my youth, damnit! Hehehehe... can you tell I'm stoked? Can't wait...

when I'm out walking
I strut my stuff

and I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite I just might
stop to check you out

let me go on like I blister in the sun ...