Blister in the Sun

On Saturday, we went to the Mountain Winery to see the Violent Femmes in concert. It's always nice to be at that place. We arrived early so that we can hang out at the outdoor cafe area and have some of their awesome cheesesteak sandwiches. We got a whole bottle of wine to wash it all down. Mountain Winery 2002 Reserve Syrah. It was really good! Nice and peppery... went along great with the cheesesteak. The weird thing is, the wine is not listed on their website. So how am I supposed to buy more?

Anyway... the Violent Femmes. Woohoo! I loved this band in the 80s. I was obsessed with songs like Add It Up, Blister in the Sun, and Kiss Off. Later, after I moved to the US, I also got acquainted with their other work. Overall I really like their sound. I can't quite decide what genre they belong in, though.

We had front row center seats! Close enough to see their nose hairs! LOL. Drummer Victor de Lorenzo was right in front of me.

They put on a good show. All of them look like aging suburban dads, so when they first walked on stage I was a bit skeptical. But any doubt in my mind was blown away as soon as they started playing. They were all awesome! Especially if you closed your eyes, to get rid of the incongruity of seeing middle aged men on stage and hearing rockin' 80s music through the speakers.

We had a great time. Woo hoo! I saw the Violent Femmes in concert! From front row center!!!

when I'm out walking I strut my stuff
yeah I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite I just might stop to check you out
let me go on like I blister in the sun