Oh, my...

Teaching of Creationism Is Endorsed in New Survey - New York Times:

The poll found that 42 percent of respondents held strict creationist views, agreeing that 'living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time.'

You may need to sign up for a NYTimes.com account in order to view the entire article. But don't worry, it's free.

Anyway, back to that survey result quoted above. If that poll's sample is truly representative of the general population of the US, then I guess 42% of Americans are stupid.

How anybody can so stubbornly cling to those outdates views that are totally contradicted by observable evidence is beyond me. In this day and age, are THAT many people really so blinded by religious dogma that they simply cannot comprehend anything that does not conform to what their religious leaders tell them?

The article continues:

In contrast, 48 percent said they believed that humans had evolved over time. But of those, 18 percent said that evolution was "guided by a supreme being," and 26 percent said that evolution occurred through natural selection. In all, 64 percent said they were open to the idea of teaching creationism in addition to evolution, while 38 percent favored replacing evolution with creationism.[emphasis mine]

Holy sack of shit. What part of "CREATIONISM IS NOT SCIENCE" can't these people understand? If you want your kids taught creationism, fine. But do it yourself. Don't have the public schools, which are supposed to be non-sectarian, do it. And certainly NOT in science class! If the kids have classes in philosophy, then maybe it would be okay to teach the concepts of creationism and intelligent design there. But not in science class. Once again: NOT. IN. SCIENCE. CLASS. Because they ain't. Science, that is.

Yup. Stupid. That's the only explanation.

How sad.