pointless rambling

It's now 4:18 AM, Pacific Daylight Time. (GMT -7 for reference). I'm at work and deathly bored. Extremely sleepy, too. It's all I could do to stay awake, and I don't know why. I got a good 6 hours of sleep earlier, and I took another nap just before work, curled up on the sofa at Bill's while he sat beside me websurfing and watching TV at the same time.

I am so bored with this job. So. Very. Bored. The thing is, I've kind of been holding back from a full-scale jobhunt because I hate interviews. Silly, no? This job makes me so unhappy, sleep-deprived, fat (it has been scientifically proven that chronic sleep deprivation makes people gain weight), and stressed. Yes, stressed. See, this is the fatal combination in my mind: if a job is utterly uninteresting AND stressful at the same time, it's time to quit.

Too bad I can't afford to just up and quit and job-hunt later. I have to have a replacement job lined up first. Ok, I suppose I'll get off my sorry butt and fire off a few résumés this week.

On a lighter note, it's only 19 days till the Iceland trip! Woohoo! Still debating whether to buy a new digital camera to bring on the trip...