Trailer Park Trash

I know I've ranted about this before, but it bears repeating...

A short while ago I was walking Devon at the neighborhood park. I was planning on letting him roll around the grass to his heart's content, but something changed my mind.

There was dog poo everywhere! A clump of poop here, a big clump there, a tiny clump over yonder...


Those of you who walk your dogs around public areas, pick up after your damned dog! Bring poop bags and clean up the freakin' excrement!

Have some courtesy towards other park users! Have some concern about public health!

ALL of you dog owners who don't pick up after your dog at public places are nothing but ill-bred, inconsiderate, nasty, IN-bred pieces of shit who don't deserve your pets! Scratch that. You all should be caged in zoos, because you're nothing but trashy animals!

/end of rant

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