Yeah, that's very Christian, indeed

Once again, that crazy hatemonger Pat Robertson (of 700 Club fame) shows his true colors. This time, he's advocating the assassination of an elected foreign head of state. He wants the US government to have President Chavez of Venezuela killed.

You'd think that everyone would know by now that this crazy old coot is nothing but an evil, self-important, jingoistic bigot who wraps his hate messages in supposedly Christian values.

And yet, many people still tune in to the 700 Club regularly and blindly follow Robertson's every utterance. In the process making him a very wealthy man. His net worth has been estimated to be between $200 million and $1 billion. Sad, sad world.


... and he's a lying sack of shit. Now he's saying he was "misinterpreted". HA! Whichever PR guy of his came up with that excuse ought to be fired! It's so ridiculous it's funny.