antipasti more like snack-i

I'm going to make a meat-cheese-and-fruit platter either tomorrow or the day after. Not really sure if everything will go together, but anyway...

I have some prosciutto di san daniele and some sopressata from Italy, manchego cheese from Spain which I plan to shave with my vegetable peeler, Irish cheddar (from Ireland, duh) which I plan to cube, and some organic seedless grapes from right here in California.

As you can probably tell, I was at a good supermarket recently and I went on an impulse shopping binge. LOL. I hope it turns out well. I don't have a nice white platter for a pretty presentation (ooh, how's that for alliteration?), so there probably won't be any pics. *sigh* I wish I could make the stuff I prepare as nice-looking as MarketMan.