antipasti update

Did my little meat-and-cheese platter. Verdict:

1) Prosciutto di san daniele - knee-bendingly delicious as always. The meat is so sweet and just melts in your mouth.

2) Sopressata - not so good. I don't have a good English word equivalent, but the Filipinos who read this will understand when I say it was a little bit "ma-anggo".

3) Manchego - yum yum yum. Nutty sheep's milk cheese. Perfect in shaved form. To me it's kind of like parmigiano reggiano, only milder in taste and smell. Which is strange because I think parmesan is made from cow's milk... though I could be wrong.

4) Irish cheddar - it was very good. Slightly different from American cheddar in taste (but I can't describe how it's different). Very different in color (American cheddar is on the orange side. Irish cheddar is pale yellow, kinda like the color of gouda or jack).

5) Grapes - sweet and juicy, as California grapes always are.


I should have added one more meat and one more cheese. Next time I'll use a different salami since the sopressata sucked, and add maybe some mortadella from Italy and mimolette cheese from France. Yeah. Mimolette is awesome. Especially with some cold auslese riesling.

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