random bits, 9/28/05

  • Wentworth Miller is cute. I know, I've already said this. But... well, he IS!
  • Devon the dog (aka Snorty McDoggelsson, aka Sheddy von Stinkelstein) needs a bath. Should I do it myself (and wet my whole bathroom in the process) or just bring him to the groomer?
  • I am still sleep-deprived.
  • We are going to Vancouver, BC again this December. Fun! Orgasmically good gingerbread pudding!!! Mangosteens!!!
  • I made some sinigang na baboy (a Filipino dish - pork and vegetables in a sour tamarind broth) and asked Bill to taste. He hated it and called it vomit soup. "It tastes like acid reflux," he said.
  • Tom DeLay has been indicted. About freakin' time. He even looks like a crook.
  • I want the new Passat! 2006 3.6 V6 4Motion. It has so many features that make a gadget freak like me giddy with excitement! I think it's time to trade in my old Passat for this new one. Well, maybe in a few months. But dammit, I want one now!

  • Started school again after a few weeks' break. Ick.