It's 2:22 AM as I start writing this. Sitting here at work, staring at the computer screen, eating reheated lasagna that Bill made sometime ago (yum). I should study techie stuff, but I'm too lazy. I should do homework, but I'm too sleepy.

The a/c is going full blast. Lord knows why. It's freakin' October, hello! Stupid building maintenance can never seen to get it fixed. The come out once every couple of months to look into the issue, but the problem awlays comes back.

I've got a headache. My coworker Valerie gave me some Excedrin. Did you know that Excedrin is now aspirin-free? Well, the Tension Headache kind, at least. Yay. Aspirin makes my stomach feel funny. Anyway, Valerie's a hoot. She's had such a colorful life. Been a truck dispatcher, a taxi driver, and a bartender. I should ask her how she ended up in networking and telecom. That ought to be an interesting story.

My friend Manolo is going stateside. Or maybe he's here already. Anyway, he'll be staying overnight at my place on Saturday, as he has a one-day layover between the East Coast and Manila.

My friend April is going to Thailand and Cambodia. I'm jealous about Thailand. Cambodia, not so much.