I have absolutely no energy tonight. Been feeling a bit gooey for the past two days. It's the lack of proper sleep, I think. I really need to get a new job and get a normal schedule again. It's really difficult trying to sleep during the day because the outdoors just call to me, telling me not to go to sleep. Ha... I may have just discovered a downside to all this California sunshine!

This morning, after I got home from work, I went to Bill's to pick Devon up. The three of us went out for a nice, long walk on the newly opened Guadalupe River Park. It is an urban park that hugs the Guadalupe River as it cuts across downtown San Jose. It was a pretty nice walk. The dog certainly had a great time, running across muddy puddles, rolling on long, wet grass, and chasing poor squirrels up trees. (I never knew just how strong the dog was until he started running after a squirrel and nearly dragged me face-first down the concrete walkway!!!) Parts of the park are still closed due to construction, but we cut across those parts, anyway. Hahaha. Such rebels.

Oh, I forgot to post about my mom's birthday dinner. Every year on my mom's birthday the three of us (my mom, my brother, and me) typically go out to a fine dining restaurant to celebrate. This year, in an effort to save money, I decided to host dinner at my place. I won't bore you with the details, but I have to tell you about something delicious I discovered. If you have a Whole Foods Market where you live, go right away to the prepared foods section! They have this fantastic seared ahi tuna, in a ginger and scallion marinade, that is yummy! Seared on the outside, rare and deep, deep red on the inside, and very tasty! It's about $21 a pound (mistakenly entered $11 earlier) but worth every penny!