Saturday Saturday

Today so far:

  • Wake up at 6, freezing cold. Get up and turn A/C off.
  • Go back to sleep.
  • Wake up at 7:30, get up and take a leak.
  • Feed the dog.
  • Give the dog his medicine. Was just told Thursday that I have an "allergy dog", and that he's probably gonna have to be on anti-allergy medication for life. 'S okay. I love my Snorty McDoggelsson.
  • Have breakfast - brownies (which I made yesterday) and a glass of ice-cold organic milk
  • Put sweats on.
Today going forward:
  • Walk Sheddy von Stinklestein and make him go potty
  • Give Bill a wake-up call at 9:00
  • Change bedsheets
  • Put newly washed clothes away
  • Go to Petco and buy some soft treats that I can hide the dog's pills in so I wouldn't have to force them down his throat. (Yes, he spits them back out.)
  • Leave dog with Bill if he's home from his work appointment
  • Go to SFO to pick up my friend Manolo, who's staying with me overnight on the way back to Manila
  • Come back to my place, hang out, probably go see Bill to have dinner
Happy Birthday to me. I wonder what my mom's getting me? Hahaha. She's so unimaginative when it comes to gifts. Maybe she'll just give me money. I don't mind. Guess I'll find out soon enough, when she takes me to a belated birthday dinner at Tamarine Restaurant in Palo Alto (which incidentally got 25, 24, 21 on the latest Zagat Survey).

Bill's taking me to a steak restaurant in Los Gatos that serves Kobe beef. Yum! Can't wait! We just have to figure out when!