Yay Volkswagen!

I had a near-death experience tonight. Hahaha. Okay, that's overly dramatic. It wasn't really a near-death experience. But it was exciting!

On the way to work earlier, I was in the middle lane of Interstate 680. I was in the relatively unpopulated area between Fremont and Pleasanton. I was going about 80 or 85 mph, listening to the radio, when all of a sudden, I see two deer right in front of my car! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Big ones, too. Female, judging by their lack of antlers. The were taking their sweet time, walking down the middle lane in the wrong direction, on a direct collison course with me!

It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to brake. I just swerved to the next lane to my right as fast as I could. I had the presence of mind not to swerve too much, but still... I heard my tires squeal, and my car fishtailed slightly... the traction control indicator light on my instrument panel started blinking... I corrected by turning the car to the left slightly... a bit more squealing, more ASR light blinking... and finally I regained complete control of the car. All this in a fraction of a second. Whew! Thank heaven for German engineering! Heheheh. Fucking deer.

So I look back in my rear view mirror and see the headlights of a small cluster of cars behind me. Cars slowing down, cars swerving to and fro, and one car stopping completely. I wonder if any of them hit the deer?

Ugh. You see the "deer crossing" signs all the time on Bay Area freeways. You just never think you'd actually encounter one. Well, at least I don't. I've seen a few deer carcasses on the shoulder, but never live deer actually on the road. Haha. Guess the joke's on me...

Ok, that's enough excitement for the night!