Epicure Random Bits, November 2005

  • We had some mimolette recently. Man, that cheese is yummy. We had it in small chunks this time around. Tastes better shaved, I think. But I'll take it either way. Mimolette is a hard, orange cow's milk cheese from France (and Belgium, supposedly). Try it if you find it at your favorite cheesemonger!
  • I think I'm going to make some crème brûlée and chocolate pots de crème sometime soon. Maybe right after I complete the move to the new place. Hmmm... that means I need to get me some Scharffen Berger chocolate. I think this time I'll try the semisweet (62%) instead of the bittersweet (70%).
  • I was napping here at work (sssshh! don't tell the boss!) a bit earlier and I dreamed of mangosteen! Why does the USDA have to ban importation of this awesome fruit? Why?! Hopefully our trip to Vancouver, BC in December pushes through, so that we can have some mangosteen!
  • Why is it so hard to find haricots verts at supermarkets that are as nice-looking as the ones you find at good restaurants or farmers' markets?
  • I have some Hebrew National kosher beef franks in the fridge at home. I am looking forward to going home this morning and having a distinctly Filipino breakfast of hotdogs and rice. The only departure I will make from Pinoy tradition is that I will be boiling the hotdogs, not frying them. Yum!