Fall At Last

Finally, fall has arrived in the Bay Area. Officially, of course, it started on the autumnal equinox back in September, but since we have a California mediterranean climate here, actual fall weather doesn't come until later.

This year, it came much later. The days leading up to Thanksgiving were unusually warm, and even TurkeyDay itself wasn't really fall-like. The leaves finally started falling in earnest a few days before Thanksgiving. In fact I took a little snapshot from the front stoop of my new place. Now my front sidewalk is a mess, but that's okay because at least it means that cold weather is finally here.

Earlier this evening, as I was walking to my car, I smelled wood smoke in the air. People are starting to fire up their woodburning fireplaces. A few minutes ago I stepped out of the office to get some food from the supermarket. It's now 4:12 AM and it is 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) outside. My car has a white layer of frost on its roof, and I have to crank the seat heater up to full blast to warm my tush.

Yay! Cooler weather is finally here! I'm so happy.

[update] According to weather.com, it's actually 31 degrees outside, 27 degrees with windchill.