Turkey Day Grub

It's now Thursday, which means that Thanksgiving is only a week away. Don't know what the plans are yet. Mom was thinking about going to Southern California with her bf but I think she changed her mind. I offered my new place as the venue for the Thanksgiving meal. What to eat... what to eat...

Mom said she's going to try to make some kind of pumpkin vichyssoise, which should be interesting. She said it'll be a variation on the typical potato-and-leek variety. I wonder if pumpkin and leeks go together, though?

As for dessert, since I had already been thinking about making some crème brûlée and pots de crème, I guess I can go ahead and make those. Maybe instead of chocolate pots de crème I'll attempt to make pumpkin ones. How? I've no idea.

The question is: what should the main attraction be? I don't really like turkey, and neither does mom. And nobody in my family seems to know how to make it well. I don't really want to do a standing rib roast this year because the meat is so expensive. Hmmm... maybe I'll make that filet of beef recipe that Ina Garten featured in one of her TV shows.

Eh. Whatever the main course ends up being, I'm almost sure it won't be turkey. Ethan from bratboyschool would be disappointed, as he seems to like it when people stick with tradition and serve turkey. Heheheh...

I guess we'll also have some candied yams, some mashed potato, and (depending on how many people will actually come) some green bean casserole. That ought to be enough food to send everyone into a diabetic coma, don't you think?