Hi-tech scavenger hunt

This evening after I woke up, I checked my email and saw an account validation email. It looked like someone had created a user account for me at this one website. I almost deleted the email as spam when I realized that it was probably Bill who created that account for me.

He came over to walk Devon the dog with me, and asked me if I saw the email. Aha! So I was right! On the way out the door he whipped out his GPS receiver and told me we were going geocaching. Wheee! He and I had been talking about geocaching for a while. It's this worldwide, hi-tech scavenger hunt kind of game where you go to a website to look for clues and use the clues in conjuction with GPS to find stuff hidden all over the world. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, Bill found one nearby and had me hunt for it as sort of an introductory hunt. The GPS was a wee bit flaky with directions (sunspots bombarding the satellites with cosmic rays?), but I did manage to find the cache with a little help. Yay! More, please!

But wait... does this mean I have to buy a GPS receiver now? LOL. Them gadgets be expensive! [Example on Amazon]