PhotoPost 12/13/2005

My friend Winnie had asked me to post some pics of my new place when I was finished unpacking and setting things up. Well, knowing me that's gonna take quite a while, but in the meantime I managed to take a few pics that are decent enough for public viewing.

This is looking out on my front stoop. I took it the day before (or was it the day after) Thanksgiving, when I noticed that it was really windy and the leaves had so suddenly started falling in earnest.

This is my new kitchen. It's tiny, not spacious enough for two people to be working side by side. But I like it because it has an easy-to-clean ceramic cooktop, a self-cleaning oven, a nice microwave/range hood, a VERY quiet dishwasher, and granite countertops. The fridge sucks, though.

This is my new living room, as seen from the hallway. The bookshelves aren't "done" yet, as my books are either still in boxes or shoved willy-nilly on the shelves with no rhyme or reason. Those windows near the TV look out onto the street. Snorty McDoggelsson loves looking out those windows, watching the world go by. Bill picked out the area rug.

Here is DevonSnortySheddy looking all tired at my old apartment. He was actually bored silly (and probably mad at me) that day because I was totally ignoring him while I was packing.