Random Bits, 12/05/2005

  • We went geocaching again this weekend (Saturday). Found three! All were in open-space locations in and around downtown San Jose. In the process of hunting for them we ended up taking a nice, long walk as well. I think we walked over five miles. Now I just need to update my geocaching account. Oh, I got a tiny little gingerbread man from one of the caches. Neenur neenur.
  • On Friday we went to the city. Bill wanted to get some flavored dipping oil and balsamic vinegar for his mom, so we went to the Ferry Building Marketplace to play foodie-for-a-day. It was an awesome sunny day in San Francisco! Bill got his oil and vinegar, we checked out wines, had a nice crab meal at Ferry Plaza Seafood (dungeness crab season just started about a week ago), and I got some Italian lentil for the soup I wanted to make. Speaking of which...
  • The ham and lentil soup turned out good! Didn't soak the lentils for the full 90 minutes that the package recommended, but I think it still turned out okay. The hearty soup had onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery, and of course ham. I chunked the remaining meat and dunked them along with the full ham bone in the soup pot. Cooked it a couple of hours, until the ham was falling apart. Mmmm... mmmmm.... Plenty of leftovers, too!
  • We also stopped by Vino Venue again to check if they had any new wines available for testing. The luxury wines were the same ones that were there last time we went. Tasted a few of the more affordable wines. I didn't really like anything I tasted. Oh, well. But see, that's exactly why the concept of this place is so good! Taste an ounce before you buy a whole bottle!
  • After work today I can't go directly home. I'm going over to my aunt's house in San Ramon to fix her wireless network. Then I'm going to come back here to the Starbucks a block away to meet the two headhunters that found me my new job. I hope I can stay awake!
  • Swung by the old apartment to get the "telephone showerhead" that I installed there. Installed it at my new apartment, sans the damned flow limiter, of course, so now I have awesome water flow in my new shower! (Okay, that was boring.)
  • Am currently at work, pigging out on Mallomars! Yep, Mallomars! Some days ago I saw some at the Safeway near my office. First time I saw them in a store outside New York! I bought two boxes. The first one is almost gone. *burp*
  • Have any of you heard Mr. Britney Spears's attempt at being a recording artist? The buzz on "Kevin Federline or DADDY" is building. Thankfully, and rightfully, the attention he's been getting is of the ridicule and mockery kind. Hahaha.