DO NOT sign up for SBC (now AT&T) DSL! It's CRAP!

SBC DSL is slow, slow, slow.

Their software will screw up your TCP/IP stack.

Customer service/tech support sucks rocks. It is annoying, very hard to get a hold of, and generally unhelpful. Their automaton CSRs will ask you to powercycle your modem and your computer NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS. That's how dumb they are.

Worst of all, they make you sign this one-year service contract that not even God can get out of, and will charge you a shitload of money if you cancel before the year is up. EVEN IF YOU MOVE. And the damned devils don't really mention that little tidbit when you are signing up for service.

They keep trumpeting the fact that they are so much cheaper than cable Internet. Well, hello! You get what you pay for! You get crap!

AVOID SBC DSL! That company is evil! Spawn of the devil! DO NOT GET SBC DSL!