The Unproductive

It's the Friday before Christmas, and I'm sitting here in my cube at my new job, being totally unproductive. Oh, yeah, have I told y'all that I have a new job? I started on Monday, so today is my fifth day. Anyway, the office is like a ghost town. The cube farm is like the great plains after evil humans have gassed the poor prairie dogs into oblivion. I guess it's understandable - it's Friday and Christmas is this weekend. People are probably "working from home" (wink wink) today.

Got issued a nifty new laptop, which I've just configured to my liking. I'm pretending that I'm not done configuring it yet, though. Gonna milk this invaluable look-busy-without-actually-doing-anything-worthwhile tool! They also issued me a work cell phone, which I am not happy about. Well, I guess it's understandable as I'm to be on call every so often when I get up to speed.

The office is only 5 miles away from home, which is fantastic. I get to save on gas and - more importantly - time. It takes me 15 minutes to get to and from work, and that's in heavy commute traffic! Yes, Virginia, I get to experience commute traffic both ways now, since my schedule is finally NORMAL!

What exactly is my job, you ask? My official title is Network Engineer. I'm part of the second-level network engineering group. There are three of us here in San Jose, about 10 in Massachussetts, and a handful of others scattered around the country, plus India and London. It's a lot more boring than it sounds, really. Heheh.

Ooops. I hear people coming to my general area! Have to go pretend I'm working again! Bye for now!