Mid-month catch-up

Bill has been giving me a hard time about my stale blog, because I haven't posted in quite a while. I guess that's the bad part about working normal office hours - I actually have to work. When I was at CrapCompany, I mean SBC, I was on the graveyard shift. Which meant I had a lot of time to goof off and update my blog instead of work.


It is Monday, January 16. I'm sitting in front of my TV, semi-watching the Golden Globes. The Australian Open is on another channel, but I'm not watching it because it would require too much attention. Sipping some wine (a carignan from Fortino Winery), trying to think of what to write.

Mary Louise Parker just won Best Actress in a Comedy Series for Weeds. Yippee. I love that show.

Gawd, I have no idea what to write about. So let's make this the posting for posting's sake post. Haha.

My fridge had a weird metallic smell that was "infecting" everything in the fridge. Wasn't quite sure where the smell was coming from, but the other day I removed the two Brita water pitchers and the two boxes of baking soda. Today Bill said the odor was gone. Whatever. Google says I should spray the interiors with diluted bleach.

We went to Benihana for dinner last night. It was my first time there. Nice concept. The chefs were entertaining as they did their fast-hands-slice-chop-twirl-cook-voila-magic-magic routine. The food was pretty good, although we left still a little bit hungry. We both had steak. Should have had some sushi as well.

Spoke with my friends in Manila a couple of days ago. They called me one morning as I was pooping Devon. It was nighttime in Manila and they were having a get-together. Winnie (our Sydney-based friend) was winding down her vacation, and I suppose that was as good a reason as any to have a party! Had fun talking to them, but couldn't understand half of what they were saying because they were all sloshed.

Ok, this is painful. This is why it's not a good idea to post for posting's sake.

I think I'll just watch TV and drink my wine.