Visible Breath Morning

Before work today, I took Devon out for his morning constitutional. Also went scoping out potential hiding places for a geocache I want to "deploy". I had a location in mind. I just wasn't sure if there was anything magnetic in that area. (The geocache I want to place is a magnetic hide-a-key, so I need something ferrous to stick it on.)

It was cold this morning! Nice and crisp, the way I like it. There was a tiny bit of steam coming out of the manholes on the road. The grass was all white with frost. Devon must've thought it was strange! His paws made crinkly sounds as he walked on the frosted grass.

Meanwhile, my hands were freezing while I waited for the dog to do his business. When he finally did, it was (of course) steaming. Haha. Gross.

Found a hiding place for the geocache and marked its location on my GPS receiver. Didn't leave the cache yet, though. I'll do it tomorrow early morning to make sure that no muggles are there to see me place it.

Got home and checked my weather widget. It said the current outside temperature was 37 degrees Fahrenheit (under 3 degrees Celsius). Showered, threw on some clothes, printed out some cache stuff, crated the dog, and went to work.

Now I'm sitting in my way-too-warm office, wishing I were outside freezing my fingers off.