Eye Candy

This morning I woke up to an awesomely beautiful day. It was cool, in the low 40s, the sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing, and there were few clouds in the sky.

A short while after getting to work I sent a text message to Bill. I asked him why we had to be at work on this gorgeous day.

His response? "So we can buy wine, food, and dog treats." (Notice the order of things to buy? LOL) Around lunch time he called me and told me that he had actually gone hiking in the morning and was in fact not stuck in the office. Bastard. Hehehehehe...

Went home for a late lunch. On the drive back, I noticed that the day had become even more fantastic. It's the kind of day that can make you wax poetic or religious about how beautiful the world can be.

Driving back to work on Highway 87 North, I could see clear across the valley floor. The northwestern foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains were deep, deep green. It was 55 degrees, and the gentle breeze was still present. The sky was an almost unbroken expanse of bright blue, punctuated by billowing clouds only above the hills and mountains ringing the valley.

Gorgeous. I wish I had brought my camera with me.