Saturday, Saturday... Saturday...

It's another stunningly beautiful late winter mid-day here in the Bay Area. The past few days have brought us a series of winter storms from the Gulf of Alaska, sending temperatures falling. Last night's storm brought the snow line down to way under 1,000 feet. Here on the valley floor we had sleet and hail.

Right now, though, the sky is crystal blue, with big, billowing white clouds over the mountains ringing Silicon Valley. It's a very nice 45 degrees. Half the mountains are covered in white, and it's an incredible sight to see.

Had a very productive morning....

    Took Devon the Dog on an extended walk along the Guadalupe River Walk here in downtown San Jose.

    Went to meet my friend Biniam at Santana Row to discuss this little technology consulting business we're thinking of starting.

    Stopped at Jiffy Lube to get an oil change.

    Got a bacon burger and a chocolate malt at Peggy Sue's.

    Started a load of laundry when I got back home.
Nice day. In a short while I'm gonna walk over to Diridon Station to pick up some cute but cheap crayons that I can use for Geocaching. Then maybe a little bit more laundry, then I'll figure out what to make for dinner. I was thinking of rendang beef...