For Geeks: Boycott D-Link

For tech and network geeks:

It seems that D-Link (manufacturer of home and soho network equipment) suffers from bad netiquette and refuses to be a good citizen of the Internet. They are basically stealing network resources from a lot of other organizations by unauthorized use of NTP (network time protocol) servers all over the place.

And the kicker? When somebody pointed this out to them they accused him of extortion and offered him hush money to go away, instead of doing the right thing and correcting their products' poor design.

So, I think the marketplace should punish D-Link by boycotting their products. Companies need to learn to behave on the Internet and recognize that they can't take advantage of open protocols to steal network resources.

All of geekdom is buzzing with this news. People on NANOG and slashdot can't stop talking about it.

More details here.