Memento Mori

Ok, maybe the post title should have been "memento antiquus" or something like that. See, I wasn't reminded that I was mortal...

I was reading the blog of Hannah Matronic recently, and through one of her posts I saw this video clip of Lea Salonga doing her audition for Miss Saigon.

(I assume this was the second round or beyond, because she sang "On My Own" for her first round audition.)

So I watched the clip. Lea looked so young, and sounded so sweet and angelic... the ingénue who wowed Camerom Mackintosh and Claude-Michel Schönberg, ending their worldwide search for the perfect Kim.

Lea went on to star in the original London production of the musical, and she won the Laurence Olivier award for her performance. She moved on to the Broadway run from there, and she won the Tony.

And then I thought...

"Damn, this was over 15 years ago!"

"And I was already in college by then!"

Lea was at the Ateneo and Monique Wilson, who would become Lea's alternate as Kim, was our schoolmate at UP Diliman. They were both freshmen, like me and my friends.

I was reminded that I was OLD.