Command Post

As in command performance, not command post in the police incident sense.

DuckMan says that MonkeyBoy doesn't post new in this blog often enough, so here goes...

Today was pretty uneventful. Woke up, talked to DuckMan, took the dog out for our morning walk, went to work, and came home.

During the workday I checked in with mom about the condo she is thinking of buying. She said that she is working with my aunt (who does real estate part-time) to move the process along. Mom originally was thinking of buying a unit here where I live, but my aunt and I discouraged her because it's an older complex with a few problems. It's an excellent place to rent in, but not something that would be good for what my mom is planning to do.

Anyway, she wanted to buy a condo unit and have me rent it from her. That way, I don't have to throw my money away and give it to some landlord, and I'd have some added security in case the economy tanks again and I lose my job. (Network engineering jobs are inherently unstable.) For her part, she gets the benefit of a tax break while getting significant help on the mortgage in the form of my rent money.

Recently she saw a brand-new condo development that she really liked. The complex is nice - secure building access, secure underground parking, really nice courtyards and common areas, a business center, a gym, a pool and a spa. The unit she wants is nice, too. Two bedroom, two bath, stainless steel appliances and granite slab countertops in the kitchen, central air and heat, big closets and bathrooms, and a huge patio.

The problem is the neighborhood. It's quite a bit farther away from the downtown core than where I am now. And there are no parks or grassy open spaces in the immediate area. So I told her that as much as I like the unit, I wasn't sure that I'd like living there. Anyway, mom decided that she wants the place enough to live in it herself, so now she's in the process of trying to buy it. I hope she gets it. She deserves a nice place.

After work, Slobberdog and I went to the dog park. There, he played a bit with some dogs, but then he saw this black pit bull mix. For some strange reason, he kept trying to hump that dog. I have never seen him so fixated on humping another dog. What's worse is that the pit bull was a bit hostile, and it was clearly getting agitated at Slobberdog. So I took him home and now here we are.

Speaking of the dog, DuckMan sent me a couple of pics that he had taken before he moved. Dog curled up into a ball, sleeping in his favorite spot - the leather lounge chair. Check it out... doesn't he fit perfectly in it?