Free At Last

Thank God Almighty!!!

I'm finally alone again with Devon the Dog here in my apartment! Now that I have peace and quiet again I can take a nap or just veg out.

My brother and his girlfriend arrived last night to sleep over. They brought Sammie the Little Dog with them. We went out to Santana Row and walked around a bit, then went to the Cheesecake Factory to have a late dinner.

This morning, they stayed here sleeping while I took Snorty to the groomers for a bath n' brush. I left my dog there and came back home. We all hung out here while waiting for my mom to drive down from Palo Alto. Then we all went to lunch at Gordon Biersch, went to Starbucks for coffee, and came back here. They watched TV while I went to pick my dog up.

I stayed home with the two dogs while the rest of them went to check out this condo unit that my mom is thinking of buying. After they came back, my mom and her boyfriend went back to Palo Alto. Then my brother decided that he wanted to go to Santana Row again to shop for sunglasses. His girlfriend wanted to buy some jeans. I decided to stay home and watch the dogs instead.

While the two of them were out shopping I took advantage of the "quiet window" to call Bill. He was ironing his clothes. We got caught up on our activities for the day and made plans to speak again later.

The brother and the girlfriend came back and showed off their purchases, packed up their stuff, and went back to Elk Grove, where they live.

So now it's FINALLY quiet here again! I love my family but I need my alone time on sunny, windy weekends like this!

I think I'll take a nap (a short one), then call Bill. Before this three-day weekend finally comes to an end I need to balance my checkbook, pay my bills, iron some clothes, make some food that I can eat for the next few days, and take the dog for a potty walk. Oy. So much to do, so little time. It's a good thing that Huff is on reruns tonight, and that Grey's Anatomy has ended its season. At least I won't have to park myself in front of the TV.

Happy Memorial Day to one and all. Here's to all the men and women in our armed forces who serve to keep our country strong and safe.