Much Ado About Nothing


The movie version of The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown's enormously successful novel about the Holy Grail, has all of Christendom in a tizzy. Here in the US, the Christian Taliban (aka Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Focus on the Family, and all their evil ilk) are raising holy hell.

This entirely incomprehensible controversy is also raging in the Philippines, predominantly Catholic country that it is. They've got prelates and politicians calling for a total ban, columnists writing pieces that attack Dan Brown's scholarship (or, more accurately, lack thereof), and bloggers debating the pros and cons of the book/movie and how to respond to it.

To all of which I say:


It's just a friggin' movie, based on a novel. A work of fiction. A highly entertaining and enormously popular one, to be sure, but fiction nonetheless. If by some chance some of the book's statements about Christian history and politics are true, that's still completely beside the point.

I always think it's funny how many religious people react to situations like this. They are so quick to take offense at anything that could be perceived as an attack on holy mother church (or holy father mosque... whatever). And I can't help but think: is your faith really that fragile, that something like a movie or a book is enough to rattle its foundation? If your faith is strong and you are convinced that what your religion has taught you is correct, why the hell are you so upset?

Silly people.