Care Packages

After work I'm gonna swing by a couple of stores to get stuff for Bill. I told him I would assemble a "care package" and ship it out to him. Been trying to think of non-perishable (or very-slowly-perishable) stuff to send, preferably stuff that's generally not available where he is now. I've been able to think of 3 or 4 things to put in the package. I just have to figure out what else to send.

So... I think I'm gonna head out to Cost Plus World Market to look for cool stuff. While I'm there I might as well stop at Target to get household stuff and at PetSmart to get treats for Snorty. I might also swing by Zanotto's to see what they have there that the DuckMan might like.

I thought about sending him these AWESOME madelines that they have at Zanotto's, but they're kinda perishable, I think. So I'll just get a box for myself and tell him all about how delicious they are! LOL

I also have to find a present for grandma. She's turning 76 on June 21st, so we're having a family get-together at my aunt's house on Saturday, the 24th. She's so hard to shop for, though. You never know what she will like. Maybe I'll just get her a bookstore gift certificate. She loves books, but I don't know what she likes reading.

Ok, I suppose I should get back to work now...

**UPDATE***4:38 PM*** I have decided to have spicy shrimp for dinner. And for dessert I'll have that wonderful bread pudding smothered in sweet butter sauce. Both from the Poor House Bistro. Yum. I can't wait!!!