Famous Dogmous

I guess an update is due on how Devon the Dog is doing...

He's been in the ICU since Saturday. When we left him there, he was being given IV fluids and antibiotics to keep him stable. The vet didn't think that his HGE was caused by an obstruction, so they held off on the ultrasound and decided to observe him through the night. They put him on an EKG as he rested.

Overnight he had a couple of instances of arrhythmia, so they started him on heart medication to control it. Besides the arrhythmia he continued to improve through the night. His energy returned, as did the color in his gums and tongue. His vomiting and diarrhea stopped and he even managed to eat a little bit of food.

On Sunday, they proceeded with the ultrasound, only instead of looking just at his GI tract they also looked at his heart. The ultrasound confirmed that there was no obstruction. They did see a little inflammation, but they said that was to be expected given how violently sick he got. They also saw a little bit of inflammation around his heart, but they said it was most likely induced by the stress and shock he experienced at the height of the HGE. Other than the inflammation, they said his heart looked perfectly fine.

So Snorty McDoggelsson stayed in the ICU, on IV medication (now for hydration, antibiotics, and for his heart) and on an EKG. His heart rhythms have continued to improve steadily. However, a blood test showed high levels of some kind of enzyme, which the vet said indicated that his liver was not 100% normal.

She asked me if the dog had eaten or ingested anything toxic, but I didn't really know. Devon loves to put things in his mouth while we're at the dog park, and try as I might to be super-vigilant, I don't always see it if he tries to actually eat something he shouldn't. Bill theorized that he might have eaten a piece of a mushroom while eating grass. That's a distinct possibility. I've been paranoid about him eating mushrooms from the day we got him, although I've never seen him eat one. But yeah, maybe he ate a piece accidentally while grazing.

Anyway, the vet has been running blood tests periodically to monitor his liver function. They also put him on medication to help his liver heal. The numbers continue to improve, but they wanted to keep him under close observation for one more night. They think he will be able to come home tomorrow, unless something changes for the worse.

He will be on oral anti-arrhythmia and liver medication for the next couple of weeks, and his diet will have to be carefully controlled for that period of time as well.

I visited my baby today. Left work early to drive over the mountain to see him. They put him in a visiting room, and when they opened the door to let me in, Slobberdog bolted up and ran out to meet me. Awwww... doggie missed me, too!

I spent about 45 minutes with him in that room. I just petted him and scratched him and made stupid baby talk with him. LOL. Basically we just hung out. I also called his daddy Billy so he could hear Bill's voice through the phone. Hehehe. Is that silly or is it cute? In the middle of our visit the vet came to give me the update that I just wrote about above. The dog started crying again when he sensed that I was about to leave. I wanted to take him home right then, but I know this is for the best.

So, Famous Dogmous isn't completely out of the woods yet, but things are definitely looking up! I just hope there's nothing permanently wrong with his liver. Still keeping fingers and toes crossed... Send good vibes our way please.