The Incredible, Edible Egg

I just had the most satisfying simple lunch. While trying to decide what to eat, I stared at my nearly empty fridge and realized that if I wanted to eat a home-cooked meal, the only thing I could have was egg something. The sad fridge contained no meat, no veggies, no nothing. Ok, but egg what?

I saw that I had some whole wheat bread left over, so I decided to make an egg sandwich. Many years ago, when I worked for the Police Department, I had egg sandwiches a few times a week (from the City Hall cafeteria). After I left the PD, the sandwich and I lost touch. Bill reawakened my taste for it when we would have breakfast together (typically after I came home from the graveyard shift while I still worked for SBC). Anyway...

Few things are as simple and satisfying as an egg sandwich. I toasted the bread while I cooked the egg - in medium-low heat, with just a touch of salt, on a nonstick skillet. After the egg was cooked, I slathered mayonnaise on both slices of bread and assembled the sammie. Simple as that. No frills, just bread, mayo, and egg. Comfort food. Delicious. Filling. Quick.