On the cusp of summer...

... hummingbirds have finally started visiting the feeder that I put out on the deck. At first hardly any ever came, then Bill told me to try using bottled water for the humbird juice instead of tap. Well, it worked. Today I saw two birds in the span of 15 minutes. One was very cute, tiny with a metallic green back. I wasn't able to take a picture, though. Next time.

...tomatoes are plump, juicy, and fire engine red! I got a few vine-ripened tomatoes from the store today. I'm gonna make insalata caprese sometime in the next couple of days. I just need to buy some mozzarella and fresh basil. It should be good!

... the ducks and geese that live along the Guadalupe River all seem to have little adolescent duckies and goslings now. It's pretty cool watching them bobbing on the river. There was one duck family where mom (or dad - who the heck knows) was teaching the kids how to stick their heads underwater and search for food, while paddling against the current to keep from floating downriver.

... people are starting to wear shorts again. Now, depending on who is wearing shorts, this could be a good thing or this could be a bad thing.

... it's now past 8:30 PM and we still have a little bit of daylight left. Well, it's actually way into dusk, but maybe it's because we've had thick cloud cover for the past two or three days. If this were a normal late spring or summer evening the light would be golden right now.

... hurricane season has started in the southeast. Stay away from the storm surge, DuckMan!

... the fuschia plants are in full bloom. And the miniature rose has come back to life!

... Devon the dog's sneezing fits around grassy areas have lessened. He still loves to fall down on the grass, roll over on his back, and writhe around like he was possessed. It's always a funny sight. One of these days I should take video footage of him doing it.

... the fruit section at the supermarket is starting to overflow with bounty other than bananas, oranges, and apples. Right now I'm on a cherry kick. I still haven't decided what fruit to pig out on next! Plums, maybe... or pluots!!!