Persistence of (Dog) Memory

Since Devon the Dog came home from the ICU, I've been keeping his exercise at a minimum, per doctor's orders. Since we can't go to the dog park just yet, I've been taking him out on walks morning and evening.

I've been trying to vary our walking route to keep him (or me?) from getting bored. This evening, as we walked past Bill's old apartment building, Famous Dogmous made a beeline for the building entrance, like he wanted to go inside.

At first it made me a bit sad, but then I thought, "Wow, this is cool!" It's been a month and a half since Bill left, but the dog still obviously remembers the apartment, where he always had tons of fun playing and being silly. I wonder how long a dog's memory lasts...

You know how they say that dogs only have short-term memories? And that they don't remember what they did an hour ago? I think that's wrong.

Anyway, the old loft still looks unoccupied. We walked around the building to the deck side. I dunno, though. Something that nice wouldn't stay vacant for very long. Unless of course the complex is charging an obscene amount of money for rent.

Every other deck on the third floor is obviously in use, with deck chairs, tables, plants, and other stuff. But this one was barren, without even an empty pot or a dirty pair of boots outside. I wonder if anyone is living there now. And if so, who? Will they enjoy that place as much as we did?

Maybe the dog can figure it out...